iSecure offer a wide range of alarm systems, Please check with your insurers what grade system you need for either your home or business

Below are 2 systems that are Ideal for new homes and small businesses

Wireless Kit 1

    •  1 x Wireless Control Panel

    •  1 x Wireless Bell

    •  1 x Wireless Door Contact

    •  2 x Wireless Pet friendly PIR’s

    •  2 x Remote Keyfobs

    •  1 x Digi WIFI, for phone App

Wireless Kit 2

    • 1 x Two-way wireless panel with DIGI-WIFI communicator

    • 4 x Wireless pet immune PIR detector 10m range

    • 1 x Wireless mini magnetic contact

    • 1 x Wireless bell module

The system below is Ideal for large Businesses and existing upgrades of wired systems

Control your Alarm system remotely from the APP

  • Apple IOS or Android smartphones or tablets

  • PC’s or Laptops

  • Alarm Receiving Centres

  • Other really good features on the APP are,

  • Monitoring of your family or employees at work

  • Notification if there is an alarm activation

  • Notified who has set and unset the system.

Wired Kit 1 Grade 2 or 3

  • This grade 2 or 3 alarm panel can be expanded from 8 zones up to 240 zones depending on what is required.

     The versatility of this product is that you have the hybrid option of wired devices and wireless just by adding the correct expansion modules.

     Connectivity from this panel to either the keyholder or the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) can be via numerous products such as dualcom, redcare or either GPRS module such as DIGI AIR or LAN connection.

Why not integrate an external detector and a CCTV camera onto any of the above systems, the options are endless